Support is Raised for Who Cares? through an Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

The Who Cares? team receives requests from around the world работа москва to screen the film.  These screenings inspire audiences to do something meaningful with their lives.  In order to respond to all the demand for the film, medadvice agilflex and grow the film’s ability to be a tool inspire audiences, and then channel this energy in a meaningful way, our team launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. In the Spring of 2014, the campaign was launched with a party at the Center for Social Innovation in New York City, with support from our Indiegogo Campaign Partner, The Cordes Foundation, whose mission is  to champion bold, innovative solutions to the world’s toughest problems. They do this by connecting, equipping and supporting social entrepreneurs.  The Cordes Foundation’s efforts to help us spread awareness about the film has been invaluable and we look forward to working together to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the nearly 150 individuals who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign, the campaign helped us raise money to amplify our current international distribution efforts and bring the film to the next level. Our campaign was hugely successful, and allowed us to raise over $15,000! You can check out our campaign goals here!

 A Huge Thank You to ALL of Our Supporters

Adriana T. Rizk Elizabeth Sheehan Mariana de Melo Siqueira
Alex Pimentel Elizabeth Sinclair Marica Rizzo
Alex Sahai Elsa Mourao Marina Pougy de Magalhãfes
Alexandra Witte Cruz Machado Felipe Kurc Marion Aubert
Alexandre C. S. Teixeira Fernando Andrade Marisa Orth
Evolux Sistemas Fernando Sztokbant Maristela Schiesari
Alicia Tsai Fran Winandy Meredith Waterston
Aline Silveira Machado Gay Acosta Micael Langer
Alisa Cordesius Guaraciara Lopes Michael Altrichter
Alison Finn Guilherme Lito Nilce Hansford
Alvares Stephanie Guilherme Werneck Peixoto de Souza Olivier-Hugues Terreault
Ana Paula Piano Simoes Igor Botelho Patrick Cambiasso Helfer
Anamaria Schindler Isabel Gullo Paul Stone
Andria Johnson Janneke Lang Paula Freire Bastos
Anonymous (15) Jean-Marie Desrosiers Pedro Bulle
Ariane Emi Nakamura Jeffrey Zygar Peter Walton
Avanish Sahai John Alexis Guerra Gomez Renata Pinard
Azin Mehrnoosh John Waterston Renato O. Pereira
Breanna DiGiammarino Jose C. T. Moreira Ricardo Feldman
Bruce Rash Juliana J. Navarro Richard Crespin
Bruno Borges Kaley Schliep Rick Dickinson
Carla Zorzanelli Karen Little Robert Richards
Carolyn Wheeler Katie Levey Rute Sheldon
Catherine M. Pawsat Katrin Steiner Ryan Little
Cecilia V. A. Pinto Kevin O’Brien c/o Kiva Silvana Rea
Christine-Sarah Diligenti Pickup Laetitia Sadak Silvia Morgan
Clarice Ramalho Lorna Pereira Silvio Hotimsky
Claudia Deheinzelin Louise Roach Steph Cordes
Courtney Sara Minard Luis Felipe Nascimento Susanne Stute
Daniela Schmitz Luiz Ojima Sakuda Taylor Whitfield
Danielle Goldstone Luiza de S. Oliveira The Martins
David Afonso Marcelo Faria Thomas and Kirstin Elaine Martin
Diane and Kevin Waterston Marcio A. Saraiva Victor H. M. Andrade
Ehret Fieldhouse   Yoga Prakasa


Since we launched our campaign, the Indiegogo platform allowed for an awesome tool to gain financial resources to continue to grow the film’s distribution efforts, but it also became an unexpected friend raiser!! We have met many of our fiercest supporters through our launch party and other events and interactions that resulted from our campaign.  We are forever grateful to all the brilliant advice, great screening ideas, network sharing, and encouragement along the way!!!

We look forward to using this support to continue enhancing the Who Cares? Community.  Without the community, there would be nothing. We truly believe that the community is what makes Who Cares? so special, and we are forever grateful to everyone who gave money to the film.

Together, we look forward to growing the movement of changemaking!!

Special Thanks to our Campaign Partner: