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Based on the social impact of the documentary Who Cares?, we feltработа спб the need to design an education program that uses the film as a tool to introduce social entrepreneurship and inspire high school students to get involved in the social sector.

The ChangeMaking Seeds Program was inspired by an eagerness to introduce educators and students to the compelling and creative ideas of Social Entrepreneurs. The film crew and educators saw the potential of this film as an education tool and designed a guide with over 100 pages of curriculum and additional resources to make it possible to bring social innovation into the classroom.

Young people have the passion, creativity and energy to change the world – this education guide gives them the knowledge, inspiration and tools to do that! Bill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka, believes that if 3% of young people in schools were educated to be Changemakers, we would flip the system in a short time. We believe every school, in every country, should bring social entrepreneurship into the classroom to empower its students, making them aware of their own power of transformation.

We are seeking partners to introduce and establish this education program in high schools around the nation and ultimately around the globe. We are passionate about creating a new generation of Changemakers!



Contact us at if you are interested in brining Who Cares? to your school!