Difficult Decision

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Joaquin Leguia

Joaquin Leguia

Fifty years ago, a man had to make a difficult decision: either be rich or be good. The world was more black and white, little room for gray and none of the rainbow of options available these days.

People decided to first build a fortune and later, at the end of their lives, donate part of this money to a social organization. It was the era of the great philanthropists. The Rockefellers.

But now the world is really different. You don’t need to take this kind of decision anymore. Today it’s possible to do good, to act socially, really change the world, and in the same process achieve your individual goals.

Today people are acting socially within companies, creating profitable social business, or earning their salary working in NGOs. There’s a huge range of options.

Young people are seeking work in companies that have real social and environmental responsibility departments, and not only as a marketing tool or makeup to cover up the holes of the lack of ethical business.

Companies are concerned about attracting new talents and they know that to feed this need, they must create robust and creative departments of social and environmental responsibility.

After all, companies are made of people, and nowadays everyone is more concerned about the collective.

But even better are the new companies sprouting, many of them already born with social responsibility in their essence, in their DNA. They don’t need to have departments assembled for this purpose, because they already have as their main goal not just PROFIT, but the SOCIAL WELFARE.