Thousands of Social Entrepreneurs!

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Bart Weetjens, Tanzania

Bart Weetjens, Tanzania

Social entrepreneurs are increasingly spreading around the world

A social entrepreneur is someone who has created an organization and has affected the lives of thousands of people, but we can all be CHANGEMAKERS!

You can positively cause social impact anywhere. No matter if you work with Health, Education, Human Rights, Environment or Economy, or if you work in the private, public or social sector, it is always possible to bring positive changes to where you are.

As Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, says:

“We’re moving towards an ‘everyone a changemaker’ world!”

That’s the true democracy, where we cannot just vote and complain, but where all citizens are proactive in society.

See more about the Social Entrepreneurs who were portrayed in the film, and then go and search for thousands of other great examples around the world! You will find them.

The guy with the rat in the photo above is a great example of someone who managed to reunite his childhood passion (which oddly was rats!) with his profession as an industrial designer. Bart Weetjens decided he did not want to spend his life designing microwaves or luxury cars. He went to Africa where he is training rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. See more!

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